Our Services


The Medical Centre operates on an appointment only basis.

Please contact reception by phone or in person to make an appointment. Unfortunately we are not in a position to accept appointments by e-mail or voicemail.

If you cannot keep an appointment please ring well in advance to cancel. Repeated failure to do so may result in the surgery not being able to offer further appointments.

Urgent/ Emergency Appointments: If you feel that you require an urgent/emergency appointment please communicate this to our staff. Please give as much detail as possible. We will always endeavour to facilitate this.

House Calls

House calls are reserved only for the housebound or the very ill. Please do not request a house call if you can attend the surgery. The surgery is better equipped to deal with problems.
Please try to request home visits before midday and give the secretary some idea of what is wrong so that the doctors can prioritise their calls.

Out of Hours

The D-Doc Out of Hours service is available to patients who need to see a doctor outside normal surgery hours. The service is available each weekday from 6pm to 8am and on a 24 hour basis on Saturday, Sunday and Back Holidays.

Telephone D-DOC – Ring for an appointment: 1850 22 44 77

If you need to speak to a doctor or nurse

Telephone interruptions during surgery are intrusive for both doctors and patients. Our receptionist will take your details and the doctor or nurse will return your call as soon as possible.

East Wall Medical Centre is now a training practice and we have a doctor in training in attendance.

Repeat Prescriptions

You may order a repeat prescription in person, by phone or by post from the surgery.

When ordering your prescription a printed prescription request form can be obtained from reception and then handed in at reception when completed.

You may also order your prescription by providing a stamped addressed envelope & we will post it back to you.

We require 48  hours’ notice to process a prescription.

Medication Reviews

All patients on repeat medication must see a doctor or practice nurse at the surgery at least once a year to review their medications.


Social Welfare certificates must be requested 24 hours in advance of collection.